Christian Morrisseau

Original Paintings

Shaman Grandchildren, Josh Kg. (2 of 2)
We Are All One
Bear Teachings
Shaman Grandchildren,Kylie M. (1 of 2)
Wisdom in the Feathers
Rise of the Shamans
Self Portrait
Woodland Artist
Grandfathers Love
Woodland Bear Dance
Thunderbird Power
Turtle Island
Woodland Images
Healing Branch in the Tree of Life
Ojibway Marriage Ceremony
School of Woodland Art Kyle
School of Woodland Art Josh Kakegamic
Thunderbird Feeding
Oji Cree Boy
Boy Turns into Bear
Seeing the Astral Planes
A River Runs
Bear Doctor Healing
Father and Sons Christian and Kyle and Joshim Kakegamic
Ojibway Thunder Child
Bird Family II
Astral Flight
Sacred White Fish
Artist with Images
Chimo With Natural Back Ground
Woodland Bird Clan
Spiritual Woodland Grandfather Understanding
Woodland on the Wings of Thunderbird
Ojibway Togetherness
Woodland Teachings
Learning to Swim
Woodland Thunderbird Clan
Bear Clan Shaman
Gathering Cherries I
Young Moose
Copper Thunderbird Family
Gathering Cherries II
Mother and Child
Gathering Flowers for the Shaman
Cycle of Life
Ojibway Brothers Of The Sun
Astral Plane Run
Astral Healer
Ojibway Family
Woodland Bear
The Vision
Vision Quest
A Shaman’s Prayer
A Shaman’s Dream
Shaman’s Prayer
Bear Walker
Bird Family
Boy and Bird
Bret Morriseau and Thunderbirds
Broken Bird with Healing
Circle of Life
Family of Life
Woodland Artist II
Family Unity Chimo and Bret and Josh
Bear Teachings
Father and Son Copper Thunderbird and Christian
Rise of the Shaman’s
Father and Son Spiritual Travels Into the Astral Plane
Grandfather’s Love
Fathers and Daughters
Thunderbird Power
Father and Sons Christian and Kyle and Josh in Kakegamic
Turtle Island
Feeding the Young
Woodland Images
Flower and Birds
Healing Branch in the Tree of Life
Free Bird and Son
Ojibway Marriage Ceremony
Gathering Cherries for the Shaman II
School of Woodland Art -­‐ Kyle Morrisseau
Grandfather and Grandson Norval Morrisseau and Kyle Morriseau
School of Woodland Art -­‐ Josh Kakegamic
Grandfather Given the Tree of Life 2
Thunderbird Feeding
Great Thunder
Oji‐Cree Boy
I See You My Son
Seeing the Astral Planes
In My Fathers House
Ojibway Thunder Child
Kylie M Playing with Birds
Astral Flight
Learning from the Shaman
Artist with Images
Learning to Fly
Spiritual Woodland Grandfather Understanding
Little Boy in the Moon
Ojibway Togetherness
Loon Family Under the Moon
Learning to Swim
Melanie Kakepetum 1 of 3
Bear Clan Shaman
Melanie Kakepetum 2 of 3
Copper Thunderbird Family
Melanie Kakepetum Healing Flowers 3 of 3
Boy Becomes a Man
Mother and Son
Going Home
Mother and Young
Mother and Child in the Shaman’s Garden
My Father and Grandfather
Grandfather’s Blessing
My Left Hand
Dreaming to be a Shaman
Heavenly Gifts
Oji Cree Flowers for the Elders 1 of 2
Oji Flowers for the Elders 2 of 2
Oji Cree Healing Flower Tree
Ojibway Boy and Fish
Ojibway Boy and Otter
Ojibway Brothers
Ojibway Culture
Ojibway Headdress
Ojibway Medicine Man
Ojibway Merman Legend
Ojibway Shaman
Ojibway Thunderbird Entering the Astral Plane
Parkland Bear
Rabbits Promise
7 Fallen Feathers
Raising the Young with Love
Grandfathers Teaching
Receiving Names and Colours from the Grandfathers
Bear Doctor Healing With Open Heart
Sacred Fish
Four Spiritual Grandfathers
Shaking the Turtle to Speak to Grandfather
Grandfather Give The Tree Of Life
My Father & Grandfathers
Shaking Tent
Ojibwe Boy & Fish
Woodland On The Wings Of A Thunderbird
Thurnderbird & Young
Shaman and Students
Woodland Bear II
Shaman Grandfather Bret M
Woodland Beaver
Woodland Moose
Shaman Grandchildren Josh Kg
Shaman Grandchildren Kylie M
Shaman Wars
Shaman within Me
Shamans Granddaughter Kylie
Woodland Owl
Woodland Rabbit
Family Unity, Chimo & Bret & Josh
Shamans Wife Harriet morrisseau Flowers 2 of 2
Woodland Shaman
Woodland Strength
Understanding Life
Shamans Wife Harriet Morrisseau Flowers
Woodland Art
Woodland Art
Life of Guiding into the Astral Plane
Singing Night Crow Dancing for You and Me
Shaman’s Wife, Harriet Morrisseau, Flowers
Spirit Bird
Grandfather Teaching of the Spirit World
Spiritual Grandfather Potan
Bret Morrisseau and Thunderbirds
Spiritual Grandfather Protecting the Young
Woodland All in One
The Hunter
Spiritual Travels Together
Woodland Gathering
Thunderbird and Young
Walking in Faith
Thunderbird Headdress
Traveling Prayers
Thunderbird Rising
I Love You Chimo
Thunderbirds Left Arm
All is Well in One Broken Place
To All My Friends
Rabbit’s Promise
Together As One
The Healer of Pain
Totem Images of Spirits
A Shaman’s Tears
Turtle Island Love
Grandfather Blessing
Understanding Thunder
Copper Thunderbird Norval Morrisseau
Uplifting Spirits
Shaman Grandchildren, Josh Kg. (1 of 2)
Water Spirit Flight
Woodland Artist II