I speak as one son, an artist, and an Ojibwe. I am a born artist.

This is not by accident. I work with and out of Anishnabe myths that have become the mark of the Woodland School of Art.

I have had to contend with the terrible strength of my father’s vision. I am not alone. Such was his ability, that there is hardly a Native artist who does not learn from Norval’s artistic strength.

My father taught by being. He never gave lessons. Art to him was waking in the morning. Art was revelation of the Ojibwe history. Art was getting ready for bed. I didn’t name it. I just knew it. I lived Norval Morrisseau’s art.

– Christian Morrisseau

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All Sales of Christian Morrisseau Artwork have been stopped.
Pending the outcome of his Health.

Morrisseau was removed from the KWW reserve by Orange Ambulance Saturday evening. Further updates will be posted on this site as information is released. Christian we are wishing you well!