Mark November 8th in your calendars. Due to the phenomenal success of our Christian Morrisseau painting auction held earlier in August, we’ve decided to host another and even bigger live and online auction on Tuesday, November 8th.

At the Auction Network, we’re really excited to invite you to a special auction of Christian Morrisseau’s artwork. We’ll be auctioning off over 120 of Christian Morrisseau original acrylic paintings. This auction is one of the largest that we have ever hosted; the evening will also feature a meet and greet with the well-known native artist.

Enjoy some wine and cheese while viewing Christian Morrisseau’s art from his new 2016 collection entitled ‘All of The Colours Collection‘. Join other Toronto art enthusiasts and view and bid on paintings from the collection including rare deer hides, native drums, shakers, canvas, new first release serigraphs, gold and silver motifs, new acrylic metallic on canvas, limited edition framed serigraphics and folio sets. We are also proud to showcase over 20 of Norval Morrisseau’s (Christian’s father and world renowned Woodland artist) paintings from the 1970s and 1980s. The event will also feature HAIDA original cedar wood masks and an opportunity to view a rare private collection of original Inuit Stone Carvings.

“I speak as one son, an artist, and an Ojibwe. I am a born artist. This is not by accident. I work with and out of Anishnabe myths that have become the mark of the Woodland School of Art. I have had to contend with the terrible strength of my father’s vision. I am not alone. Such was his ability, that there is hardly a Native artist who does not learn from Norval’s artistic strength. My father taught by being. He never gave lessons. Art to him was waking in the morning. Art was a revelation of the Ojibwe history. Art was getting ready for bed. I didn’t name it. I just knew it. I lived Norval Morrisseau’s art. My brother David and I sit solidly within the scope of Woodland Art – yet we are seen as different and alone.”

Like his father, Christian Morrisseau has a strong connection to the spirit world of his grandfathers. This unique and powerful connection is more than an inspiration for Christian. His mind, hands and brushstrokes are all tied and synced to the spiritual world of Christian’s ancestors. His art serves as powerful and stunning souvenirs of this outside dimension and he is proud to share it with Canadians across the country. His style has helped him create art which is much desired throughout the country and has caught the attention of art lovers everywhere.

Christian Morrisseau began painting by helping Norval paint backgrounds for his canvases. It would be during this time that the young artist began to feel a connection to art and the power it could have.

Toronto art-lovers will experience the legends and symbols of the Woodland people. His art is full of vibrant colours with strong outlines which blend with the canvas to tell his story and share his connection. All 120 paintings included in this auction provide a wide range of stories and images.

Christian is self-taught and used the teachings of his father to establish a strong foundation to his craft. This training combined with his vision, discipline and passion have allowed him the ability to place his own unique stamp on Woodland art.

“Basically, once I put the pencil to the canvas and let it go that’s when I begin to see what’s coming out. As I begin to sketch it and look at it I begin to realize the stories and the legends,” explained Morrisseau. “Sometimes I think it’s going to be this or be that, but it’s not always up to me what’s actually going to be coming out of me.”

Years ago Christian went to a nearby sweat lodge to find out his native name. The spiritual name he was given translates to ‘one that sits with sacred gifts and items’. Initially, Christian felt down, he wanted a powerful name. The elder told him not to be upset, that his name was just as powerful as any. Christian Morrisseau’s name would prove to fit him well. He shares his sacred gifts and items with his audience. Tradition states that he was also to be given a colour during this ceremony. He found it strange; the conductor of the ceremony didn’t give him one. It was later explained to him that all colours belong to him, and there  were far too many to name.

“All the colours are mine,” described Christian. “All the colours I’m supposed to use to help me transition to a better life or for someone else’s life. To help them in whatever way these colours can do.”

Morrisseau’s art can be found across Canada. He has donated art to various charitable organizations throughout the country including; youth organization, diabetes organizations, to the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation ‘Treaty 9’ where Christian is from, the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition and The Outdoor Writers of Canada. Christian also teaches the Woodland art style to both native and non-native students in Thunder Bay and across other north-western Ontario communities. Christian Morrisseau’s work can be found throughout both internationally and throughout Canada.

Those attending the upcoming art auction are entitled to a $500 gift from the artist. Simply present the attached voucher and instantly save money on your Monday, November 7th, 2016 auction. Please feel free to RSVP by emailing us at Consignments are welcomed as well, please email us at

This auction will also include online bidding with full video and audio. All bidders must pre-register online. The full catalogue with images of paintings for the All Of The Colours auction can be viewed online. We’re very excited about this upcoming auction and we look forward to seeing you live or online.



6:30 PM – 9:00 PM





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